What is cccam

    an article about cccam

       cccam: Do you know what the word Card Sharing means in new ، digital world?

       It’s a very new way or let’s call it method that allows multiple users or digital

      TV receivers have one subscription card.

     In this case you will insert the smart card into a digital television receiver.



     The word sharing ،CCcam here refers to the way we can have access digital packages

     while we connect to card sharing server using internet.

    The servers transfer the encrypted codes to the computers connected to the server.

    How does this server work for you?

     As far as you know you are not able to open all the channels since you haven’t paid

     for them and they cost amount of money and then they let you watch them.

     So then your receiver will just show those with availability field in your area.

     And you cannot open these channels under any circumstances since they are

    all encrypted and you cannot decrypt any of them. CCcam

    But on the other hand you can use some special kinds of receiver that let you

    use card share and that’s how you are able to use this card sharing system.

    Your receiver will communicate with the sharing server and it will send

    you all the decrypted codes and that’s when you are able to watch all the satellite TV channel.

   If you want to find the best CCcam sharing server you need to spend plenty of time on net to

   know what differences are and how they might be better in work for you.

   But if you want to know how to search in different area you need to find

   the best TV channels packages and check their connection in order to

   find out how they handle the reliability and stability of their work.

   You also need to know if they provide you all your favorite channels

   or not or in the other words are you going to enjoy watching your favorite

   programs without any freeze in displaying. CCcam

   So get back to net and try to find all the channels you like in a package one of these sharing servers provide.

   That’s all on your side and the rest is how they are going to be committed to their promises. Let us know if we can be any help in your way to know the better services we provide.