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IPTV SERVER ، made huge mark on television technology. IP Tv uses telecommunication industry.

It’s capable of displaying a video stream by using this great protocol called Internet Protocol Packets.

For sure you have always noticed while watching a video, first the entire video will be received in your

computer, then you are able to watch it.

But using this interesting new technology, you are able to watch the video the minute you push the button.

Here you have small chunks of video and they are all received in order so then while you are watching the first chunk the second and third one are being received and it continues.

And that’s why you don’t need to wait for the whole file to be received in your system.



IPTV SERVER stand for Internet Protocol Television.

Digital Television System are delivered over the internet via Internet Protocol.

It has to be mentioned the broadband connection plays a great role in this new system.

It’s like using an antenna for TV but instead you are using Internet for receiving the digital

signal over internet. Here in this system your connection is not the one you are using now, it’s

almost 10 times your today’s connection.

Both live TV and Video on Demand (VOD) are supported in IP TVs.

You need a computer or TV which has been set with a set top box to receive the signals. There are some important benefits for IPTV SERVER: – The quality of digital video and audio is much better than analogue one.

You are able for some new features too, being interactive is one the most important ones.

You can check a player’s history while playing game on the other hand.

It can handle the standards in quality of service and it also prevents the delays

due to chunking the file. – As IPTV SERVER uses networking protocols, it reduces costs for operators and users both.

By using broadband connection all videos can be streamed to houses more efficiently than

the time it has to be delivered by cable. Considering the fact that IP TV system is the best solution for live streams, it’s really sensitive

to time and it has already proven that it shows great responses on this field and the delay has

been reduced to nothing and it can have great response.

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