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Introduction into IPTV

IPTV introduce

2015/10/30 ,Posted in news

IT world is really enormous. Every day you hear something about a recently invented technology and yet you have to keep this in mind that if you want to dig this world you surely know nothing.You know sometimes I think it’s really hard to keep in touch with these new items but you have to find a way to let it happen. As today I want to introduce IPTV. IPTV stands for IP Television. It’s a system that delivers television services via internet and it also uses switched network such as LAN. It streams media from the source file and in small chunks.So whether you are interested in IT or not, you are supposed to know about the famous new ones since they’re going to be part of your life in near future and if you try to avoid them soon or late you are going to be pushed to use them. So it’s better to start it today and be one of the firsties to use this new technology.Generally speaking, it’s a multimedia service based on network that can provide the required quality of service. It’s the most reliable and secure way to deliver the media to subscribers.As it has been announced global IPTV subscribers was expected to grow from 28 million in 2009 to 83 million in 2013. The revenue in this market has had a great growth since it started from 12 billion dollars in 2009 and reached 38 billion dollars in 2013.
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IPTV introduce

CCCAM card sharing and IPTVs

2015/10/30 ,Posted in news

They call it Magic Box. Every one has heard it once at least in his life and to tell you the truth TV is really a magic box. I have had this experience a lot  and I’m 100% sure that you all had, too. You wake up in a bad mode and you start your day like every thing is running crazy.

You start but don’t get there that definitely it will be awful and it comes to a place that you give up and think yourself that this is it and  I have to get used to it. You came like you are dead and lie on the sofa just push the bottom and then close your eyes.

But suddenly you hear a great music and your body gets all relaxed or on the other hand you have the chance to watch Friends and laugh hard. And that’s the minute you call it magic box. Nowadays IPTV can be one the great solutions for you to go around the world and let every thing be new for you.

You can also use CCCAM card sharing to find your favorite channels and enjoy this great magic box with all your sense. IPTVs are one of the most interesting inventions recently and its growing day by day. So let’s be the pioneers using the new technology.

CCCAM card sharing and  IPTVs

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animal world in iptv and cccam servers

2015/06/30 ,Posted in blog, cccam server, news
 What’s your favorite animal?
Talking about me, it’s definitely Lion.
You have heard that they call it king of jungle and you know what is more interesting they’re not as big as
an elephant but they can control everything.
The way they run, can scare other animals, take care of their babies is fascinating. I have always wanted to know more about their life style and more information about them but you know I’m a very watchy person, you may have not heard this word before J But I mean I’s rather watch something instead of
reading a text.
They say one minute of a video is equal to 1.8 million words. So that’s what the digital world brings for us. Recently I have been trying to find great satellite channels about wild life and animals.
I faced some difficulties finding good channels in this area till I got familiar with CCCAM sharing card packages and to be honest it really changed my world.
I had no problem finding the best quality according the CCCAM server great features, no freezing in
play, no buffering delay and I have to say it was awesome.
CCCAM sharing card is one be most reliable satellite channels card that you can buy and find the most
suitable packages considering your desire.
If you are going to compare it with the one cheaper or the free ones, I have to say you are making a great mistake.
You have no idea how the CCCAM servers support the quality of service and by providing the best backup system you will have no problem being out of service.
So test it once and you will see how it works for you and your family.
If you’ve got child interested in cartoons, or a wife interested in fashion style, or whatever you may think
the only part of your side would be choosing the best package and CCCAM will do the rest.
Enjoy sitting on your sofa and watching the best of satellite channels.
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fashin & server cccam , iptv server

2015/06/01 ,Posted in blog, cccam server, news

server cccamFashion, a very old word. The word that we all love to talk about but it’s a little bit hard unless you have been always in it. And how does this happen?

There are so many you can feel interested in many things and you need to find your way. For some it’s just reading fashion magazines, articles and etc.

But for me it’s somehow different, you know why?

Call me lazy but I don’t care cause I’m really not interested just looking at the photos in magazines and except I found it very boring.

Long ago I find a way to just be in the middle of news and it really cheered me up. I didn’t need to buy tons of paper and just use it once and put it in the baskets. Satellite Channels it is.

They are incredible showing you everything, new fashion, brand fashion, home fashion, old fashion, whatever you want just name it and it’s there in a blink.

Plus believe it or not they are extremely interesting. You turn on this magic box, sit on your comfortable sofa and relax while you are watching the best fashion shows ever.

Yeah that’s as easy as this and all you have to do in to find a right channel for yourself. If you don’t know what to do, no worries we are here to help you.

AS we all know you need to have some special card for some channels and there’s when CCCAM sharing cards enter this world.

By using the great CCCAM servers you are able to watch all these TV channels and find the fashion style you want. Have you ever had a trouble setting a channel because you see the source servers are not working well? We all had and it’s really bothering.

But CCCAM servers fixed this problem and there is no worries in this part. With great server specification and the failure solutions they are working 99.999 right and that’s wonderful!
You can find you suitable package that contains the channel lists which you wand and once you found it, you really need to get along with payment procedure and the rest will be on CCCAM servers to provide you the best quality you could have had and show you what the fashion world can mean in all sense of the words.

So don’t hesitate, buy your firs package and enjoy life. This is definitely one of the best choices you could have ever decided to take.
Back to business, what’s you fashion style??? 😉

cccam servers

try the cccam servers?

2015/05/16 ,Posted in blog, cccam server, news
I have always been in love with movies, TV series and whatever that could make me feel like I’m not in this world. You know, this is funny when I start watching TV series I really feel like I’m one the characters and try to figure out what would I do If I were in the same situation.
I think we all would like to find soul mates but it’s a little bit wired to find it in digital world.
Any way let’s get back to the main subject: Favorite Channels for Tv series. You all have had the same problem finding the best channels to watch what you love.
And here’s a great solution: Try the CCCAM servers and you won’t have any worries about how well you are supposed to receive the data on different channels.
Once you have the CCCAM card sharing, you are able to find the suitable package for yourself and that’s when you need to check of the servers are doing great or they might be some failures, too. Fortunately CCCAM servers have been strongly specified in hardware features.
Backup and fail over features have been given great thoughts and I have to say CCCAM servers are really working great. So to be honest there would be no worries in this part. Once you check the quality, you will feel the difference.
So if you are like me and watching movies is one of the unavoidable part of your life, there is no doubt you should test our CCCAM servers. They’re going to work for you like a charm and you will be able to watch as many TV series and movies as you want. There are absolutely other benefits using CCCAM card
sharing service too which you may find them in other posts have been recently added.
Get in the line and start watching whatever you want using CCCAM servers.

footbal live and cccam servers

2015/05/05 ,Posted in blog, cccam server

footbal live and cccam servers

Have you ever been interested in sport? Are you a football fan? Do your friends call you crazy about basketball games? you can see on our cccam serve all

If you are giving a big yes to all these questions or even to one, now it’s time to talk about your wishes.
When I was a kid I have always dreamed of being a star in football field. I do remember watching football cartoon and expressing myself as a great football player, trying to learn whatever I watched and making all those funny gestures.
now you can buy cccam account and of our server cccam and watch all football lie

I think we all have been interested in one the sports filed in a very short time of our life or it could fulfill our whole life. Back to those old days, funny thing here is that most of us didn’t have enough time to take part in exercises.

Studying hard lessons in schools, hanging out with friends, holding parties and many others things just didn’t let us have time for the most very important part in our wishes. Just after a while we got used to it and we changed the face of our wish with being a fan of that sport.

Believe it or not some of us even got crazy about being a fan and they have done some really serious things in this part and I’m one hundred percent sure you know why we are this much this talented in this area: The answer is it’s somehow easy.
Being a fan is what we all do for our teams, great stars or even the things are related to them. You surely remember the nights you have been awake for the games to watch them online.

ONLINE is a very great word talking sport area. You always want to watch them live, to be the first person who’s aware of all details and also feeling the excitement.

We never want to hear the results or our team score or any kind of news from our friends. Instead we want to be the guy who is just the very first person telling everyone what is happening in every second of this great match.
You are completely aware all those satellite channels with the word “live” on top of the screen and you want them in your Tv.

That’s all you need to do: use CCCAM Sharing Card and you can choose the very best option for the packages you need to watch these channels online.
Don’t rush on it and find the suitable package and the rest is all mentioned in our web site.
Let your dreams come true with just a click to nuy CCCAM sharing card.
you can see football live and champion ling on our cccam server and gem server cccam

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IP TV server

2015/04/23 ,Posted in blog, cccam server

Cccam Server,buy cccam,cccam,server cccam

You know everyone says TV is going to have a great change and it has to be mentioned that the change has already started.
Recently we all have heard of IP Tvs which have made huge mark on television technology. IP Tv uses telecommunication industry.
It’s capable of displaying a video stream by using this great protocol called Internet Protocol Packets.
For sure you have always noticed while watching a video, first the entire video will be received in your computer, then you are able to watch it. But using this interesting new technology, you are able to watch the video the minute you push the button.
Here you have small chunks of video and they are all received in order so then while you are watching the first chunk the second and third one are being received and it continues.  And that’s why you don’t need to wait for the whole file to be received in your system.
IPTV stand for Internet Protocol Television. Digital Television System are delivered over the internet via Internet Protocol.
It has to be mentioned the broadband connection plays a great role in this new system. It’s like using an antenna for TV but instead you are using Internet for receiving the digital signal over internet. Here in this system your connection is not the one you are using now, it’s almost 10 times your today’s connection.
Both live TV and Video on Demand (VOD) are supported in IP TVs. You need a computer or TV which has been set with a set top box to receive the signals.
There are some important benefits for IP TVs:
–          The quality of digital video and audio is much better than analogue one. You are able for some new features too, being interactive is one the most important ones. You can check a player’s history while playing game on the other hand. It can handle the standards in quality of service and it also prevents the delays due to chunking the file.
–          As IP Tvs uses networking protocols, it reduces costs for operators and users both. By using broadband connection all videos can be streamed to houses more efficiently than the time it has to be delivered by cable.
Considering the fact that IP TV system is the best solution for live streams, it’s really sensitive to time and it has already proven that it shows great responses on this field and the delay has been reduced to nothing and it can have great response.
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gem cccam and card sharing servers

2015/04/18 ,Posted in blog, cccam server

o you know what the word Card Sharing means in new digital world? It’s a very new way or let’s call it method that allows multiple users or digital TV receivers have one subscription card.

In this case you will insert the smart card into a digital television receiver.
The word sharing here refers to the way we can have access digital packages while we connect to card sharing server using internet.
The servers transfer the encrypted codes to the computers connected to the server.
How does this server work for you?
As far as you know you are not able to open all the channels since you haven’t paid for them and they cost amount of money and then they let you watch them.
So then your receiver will just show those with availability field in your area.
And you cannot open these channels under any circumstances since they are all encrypted and you cannot decrypt any of them.
But on the other hand you can use some special kinds of receiver that let you use card share and that’s how you are able to use this card sharing system.
Your receiver will communicate with the sharing server and it will send you all the decrypted codes and that’s when you are able to watch all the satellite TV channel.
If you want to find the best CCcam sharing server you need to spend plenty of time on net to know what differences are and how they might be better in work for you.
But if you want to know how to search in different area you need to find the best TV channels packages and check their connection in order to find out how they handle the reliability and stability of their work.
You also need to know if they provide you all your favorite channels or not or in the other words are you going to enjoy watching your favorite programs without any freeze in displaying.
So get back to net and try to find all the channels you like in a package one of these sharing servers
provide. That’s all on your side and the rest is how they are going to be committed to their promises.
Let us know if we can be any help in your way to know the better services we provide.

Sky It HD Channels And PrimaFila Channels All Days IPTV Servers

2015/04/01 ,Posted in cccam server

Sky It HD Channels And PrimaFila Channels All Days Is Open on GEM IPTV Servers




2015/03/20 ,Posted in



Gem iptv servers with incredible quality and unparalleled speed started , firstly gemiptv servers with about 155 FULL HD channels
of sky it packege start working

You can see the list of channels available on the Gem iptv server here , now gem iptv servers just suppurt enigma2 satellite receivers
like dreambox , vuplus , azbox and other full linux enigma2

In the near future We will support additional satellite receivers
The best image to use GEMIPTV servers is OPENPLI
You can use for your linux satellite receivers OPENPLI image and you can download image of here

list of channels available on the Gem iptv server
best image for use iptv server account of gem server
list of linux satellite receivers suppurt enigma2 iptv gem servers
how you can setup iptv account on your satellite receivers enigma2