Sky Germany Update 2019/04/16

news 2019/04/21
hello dear userSince 16/04/2019 it’s not possible to watch all Sky Germany channels using CCcam Emu ( 2.0.11 , 2.1.3 , 2.1.4 …etc)<strong>we working hard back Sky Germany channelson CCcam and on all normal receiver </strong>The only solution for now it’s to use a newer version of OScam with some specific configuration . Please install OScam on your receiver and if you have an old version of OScam you have to update it1. please install image open pli from web site for your satellite receiver 2. install last ver of oscam from online panel 3. connect to the your Linux receiver whit dcc and go to the var/etc/tuxbox/config/oscam/oscam.server 4. paste this config to oscam.server[reader] label = CCcam protocol = cccam device = gemcccamserverdns,our server port user = xxxxxxx password = xxxxxxx nactivitytimeout = 1 group = 1 disablecrccws_only_for = 0500:032830,030B00;1811:003311,003315;1819:00006D;098C:000000;09C4:000000;098D:000000;0500:050F00 cccversion = 2.2.1 ccckeepalive = 1#Services5.insert your user and password account on the user and password on oscam.server 6.restart oscam emu and use all must be okwe now working hard back so on all receiver on cccam just give us timefor any problems our whats app is +41 79 921 48 68

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