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As it is known, Sky package belongs to Sky Group which is working in German, Italy and United Kingdom with the exact name and also based on its investment and planning. All these packages which have number of various interesting channels should be charged and they also have monthly fee in order to let their user have great time watching their programs. It has to be mentioned that users are supposed to pay extra money for the box and the special encoder in addition to the monthly fee. Users are also asked to buy their packages too.

Italy Sky known as the most popular satellite channel with almost the greatest number of audiences has got the most sold satellite packages in the world. There are some rumor about the owner of this company which admits Sivie Broloskoni as a person who’s working behind all activities in this company.

According to the great number of satellite channels and Sly group varieties specially the one in Italy, the most famous Internet sharing cart is CCCAM which is almost around the half of the number of Internet sharing cards users buy in German, Italy and United Kingdom. Considering what has been mentioned Sky and certainly Italy Sky is always trying to promote the security mechanism and improve the provided encoding in order to protect their lock system and sharing mechanism.

This company started its own activities in 2004 using the SECA encoding system and it provided the card security using this encoding method. After years, facing some real problem in 2006 which showed their mechanism had been hacked, they started to use NDS1 as their encoding method. In that year purchasing the complete football worldcup right to display in Korea and Japan it became the greatest media element in the world.

Italy Sky Company had the same right for Italy a league and many users became interested as they could watch these football matches online. This company satisfied all its football fans with live show of football games in Calcio channels.

Since users and those who use sharing card are really interested in Italy Sky channels, CCCAM servers are have become interested in these packages, too. But in the last 2 years there has been great changes in these packages which in 2013 made these channels banned from being opened in CCCAM sharing card. Since Italy Sky made lots of changes in their NDS system, their channels are not able to be opened for CCCAM users or if they are open since they have specific freezing, users can’t watch them through these sharing cards. Italy Sky changed the cards algorithm a lot such as 0919, 093b, 9cd and they tried to protect their channels in order to make them unavailable in sharing cards and they have almost been successful in this area, too.

Italy Sky has almost the best movie channels such as:

Sky Cinema , Sky Cinema +24 , Sky Classics, Sky Comedy , Sky Cult , Sky Family , Sky Cinema , Family Sky Hits , Sky Max , Sky MAX , Sky Passion

And it also has the best sport channels such as:

Sky Sport 24 ,Eurosport ,Sky Sport 1 ,Sky Sport 2 ,Sky Sport 3, Sky Sport Plus, Sky Sport F1, Sky Sport , Fox Sports 2 ,  SKY CALCIO , Sky Sport 24, Sky Supercalcio Fox Sports, SkyCalcio 1, Sky Calcio 2, Sky Calcio 3, Sky Calcio 4, Sky Calcio 5 ,Sky Calcio 6 ,Sky Calcio 7 , Sky Calcio 8

And the best entertaining programs such as:

Animal Plane,Discovery Channel ,Discovery Science,History Channel HD,National Geographic Channel HD ,Nat Geo Wild HD

All these great channels like Primafila  are always the first users choice. Undoubtedly sooner or later these packages will be separated from sharing cards but our site users will be able to watch them in our IPTV servers.

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