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MEO is the commercial brand-name of a triple-play subscription home telecommunications service provided by Portugal Telecom. The service can be delivered either through ADSL2+, FTTH or Satellite link and is available throughout Portugal.

The service was started as a pilot test in the city of Lisbon in 2006 and was later extended to Porto and Castelo Branco, Portugal. The commercial launch of the ADSL2+ service took place in June 2007, and the satellite service took place in April 2008 operating in the Hispasat satellite, soon followed by the FTTH service.

The ADSL2+ and FTTH offers reach the several areas in Portugal and include broadband Internet services (at up to 200Mbit/s currently) as well as telephone service.

There were plans to launch a new digital television DVB-T service also under the meo brand known as meo TDT.

The television channel line-up includes the Portuguese version of international channels such as:

Disney Channel
National Geographic Channel

And several European Football club television channels such as:

Barça TV
Benfica TV
Chelsea TV
Manchester United TV
Real Madrid TV

It currently competes with SONAECOM’s IPTV offer Optimus Clix, Vodafone Portugal’s IPTV offer, ZON Multimédia Cable and Satellite offer and Cabovisão Cable offer.